Opening Hours : Saturday - Thursday 24 hours


You can book with us By registering in the form And you can get a 10% discount by filling out the form, and you contact us through Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp.

The study is individual, meaning each student studies alone taking into account the individual differences between students

teachers are graduates from Al Azhar University. They studied the principles of Islam، the Arabic language by trusted and qualified professors and they have ijaza in Quran.

The course duration ranges from 6 months to 1 year. this depends on the commitment to attend all the lessons and follow up and study diligently

You can contact the teacher through the Zoom program. the administration is the link between the teacher and the student. It is agreed with the management leaders to arrange classes times

You can pay through PayPal, Western Union, Account number(IBan) and our team will assist you if you need any assistance

Ate the first, you can set a date for the trial session at any time convenient for you After that, if the teacher is suitable and liked by you, the classes will be scheduled according to your availability and the availability of the teacher