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Quran Talent Instituite

Quran Talent Institute is pleased to offer online courses to teach the Holy Quran, Arabic language, and Islamic studies to you. We hope that we will obtain Allah's approval so that he will enter Heaven by memorizing his book and teaching the correct Islam as we have commanded

The Quran Talent institute provides all the courses you need in order to be a Muslim as God said and to obtain the intercession of the Prophet Muhammad. if you want to start a free session

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Our mission

Our mission in the Quran Talent is to be the best person to speak on the Prophet Muhammad, because he said, “Speak about me, even if it is a verse,” and he means that we should talk about Islam with all people. We hope that Islam will reach all countries around the world because this is the mission of any Muslim

Our vision

We want Islam to reach all people and to facilitate the process of learning the Qur’an, the Arabic language, and Islamic studies, and we want to strengthen the status of the Qur’an and the Arabic language among all Muslims and to spread Islam by treating people well



24/7 support

You can ask any question or fatwa regarding prayer, fasting, or any of the pillars of Islam at any time you want


We have the most easy ways to communicate, such as WhatsApp, email, Facebook, Twitter and Skype

Islam around the world

We are not just a company to teach the Qur’an, we hope to spread Islam in all countries of the world.